“Let’s all be part of the many positive and hope-filled stories that are happening in our wonderful world!”
-Willie Sterba

These are my school programs for children!

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to talk about fees, references, or setting a date.

TALES OF AMAZING HEROES is all about young people doing amazing things with their lives. Willie will share inspiring stories about young people who are helping others and making our world a better place while he fills the program with fun songs like The Bug Party and The Great Sleep Out.

THIS GREAT BOOK features Willie's song, "Mark and the Book Fairy." Willie loves books and tells about his own reading adventures as he leads the children on a musical quest to help Mark find the Book Fairy and rescue his lost book.

I CARE ABOUT MY PLANET includes Willie's songs, "Dinosaurs on Parade" and "The Fox in a Box." Willie and the children imagine the world of nature and explore how to best care for the planet through the eyes of many animal inhabitants.

"THE MAGIC BRIDGE" is Willie's well loved song, and it is about a bridge of love and understanding that goes around the whole planet. This musical program brings together the many different people on the Earth and focuses on how much we can learn from each other, and how we can help each other in this wonderful world.

SAY YES TO ME AND NO WAY TO DRUGS is a fun and stimulating program that encourages children to realize that "Peer Pressure is Fear Pressure," and that magic does not exist in drugs, but within themselves-"The Magic's in Me." We can all accomplish what we set our minds to if we can just remember "I Can Fly."

ENERGIZE OR FOSSILIZE explores healthy eating and how exercise-"Doodle Lee Do"-can be fun. The children will learn that small changes can bring big results and, like in the song "Bodin and the Bears," we can all make positive changes one step at a time.

A WILLIE STERBA CONCERT is filled with Willie's favorite songs like "Chickens in my Hair," "The Dog Wants Chips," and "Pickle Pie." There is lots of singing by Willie and the children with plenty of echoes, signs, smiles, and laughter.

About Willie Sterba
Willie has been singing for children since 1986, when his own three children were just youngsters. He has recorded three CDs for children, Chickens in my Hair, The Dog Wants Chips, and Reindeer Jamboree - new songs for Christmas. Willie produced and hosted his family program “Dancing Dog Radio” that was aired for six years in four states on commercial and public radio. He has a Masters Degree in Education with eleven years experience as a teacher and administrator.

Willie has performed at Summerfest, Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, Schools, Libraries & Festivals throughout the country.

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Willie Sterba

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