I have been presenting my music in churches  for many years. Please sample some of my songs from Where Will I Get The Courage to get an idea of what I can offer you and your congregation.

Here are the programs I can bring to your church:

* As a singer within the service, I present my own special music that helps support your message.

* As a teacher, I can guide your "Sunday School" leaders on how to write music with and for children. This will be in a workshop setting. I also have songs that I have written and recorded that are easily learned, taught, and sung.

* Also as a teacher, I can work with children to learn songs to present that day within the service.

* As a performer, I present concerts, for adults, for families, and for children.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to talk about how I can bring my music to your church and help support the work you are doing.